meal planning and healthy eating

One of the biggest goals I’ve had through this year was using meal planning as a way to be more budget conscience while also eating healthy foods. I’ll admit, this can be a big struggle. For one, I like going out to eat. For another, I can get lazy when it comes to my food, because it seems like a lot of work for one person. Still, for the past five weeks I have done a fairly good job or sticking to my meal plan by adding a few regular recipes and meals to my plan.

Here’s a look at some of the go-to foods I’ve been turning to in the interest of being fiscally responsible, time efficient, and healthy. (I do shake things up occasionally, but these are regularly on the schedule.)


  • Green smoothie (I follow this plan)
  • Mug eggs (I use a simplified version of this recipe from The Chic Site) with a berry and Greek yogurt parfait
  • Flax seed waffles or vegetarian omelette (on the weekends)


  • Light Cesar salad mix with tuna and hard-boiled egg and an apple or carrots as a side
  • Quinoa enchilada bake (this is heaven)
  • Mason Jar salad (which I’ve blogged about before)


  • Spaghetti squash (microwaved then served with a marinara sauce or faux burger/sausage–I plan to try a pad thai soon)
  • Tofu and veggie stir fry (my favorite subs quinoa for rice with a lime and garlic based sauce)

I’m also paying attention to what I eat at restaurants. I have tried and true (and healthy and economical) favorites at the restaurants I frequent, and I make sure to get my fiber and protein in for the day.

I’m also working on spreading my eating out throughout the day. My new favorite snack is sliced peppers with a 100-calorie portion of guacamole. It’s so delicious.

Most importantly, I’m starting to see results: in how I feel, in my bank account, and on the scale. What more can you ask for?


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