one step at a time

When I look at our list of goals, some of them seem huge and overwhelming. Like writing a book (which is probably the biggest goal I have), working on our house (so many projects to do), and even writing a note once a month (which I am failing massively at by the way). But shockingly (or maybe not if you know me well), the goal I am having a really hard time with lately is unplugging.

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix and online TV while I’ve been working on projects and such, and there’s a commercial that keeps playing that talks about missing moments now to check other moments, and something about that really resonated with me. I know that I have an addiction to my phone, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, etc., which is why I made the goal in the first place.

So my real focus for now is to figure out how to break those bad habits, and I’m going to start with not having my phone so accessible at all times. I think I am going to stop bringing my phone out of my room when I’m home with Broderick, so I’m not tempted to check it instead of spending time with him. It’s not missing those moments by checking others.


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