away we went

This past weekend, Nathan and I took a quick trip to Missouri for a dear friend’s wedding while Broderick had some time with Grandma. It was my first night (and then night and night) away from him but I think we both had a really good time. He got extra time with Grandma, and Nathan and I got to spend some time away with friends.

We left on Thursday afternoon and drove to Kansas City. We stayed downtown and had an amazing dinner and drinks at the hotel. It was gorgeous–I kind of wish my whole house looked like the hotel.

After sleeping in, we went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum in KC, which I had not been to. What was amazing and awesome about this is that they had one of Monet’s water lily paintings, which I have always wanted to see. It was amazing.


We drove down to Springfield that afternoon, where we started our super-fun weekend with our friends.

The next day I got to go see “Inside Out,” which I had wanted to see for a long time and it was really good. Not the best movie to see when away from Broderick for the first time, but that’s OK, I liked it anyway!

We had the wedding that night and it was really fun to stay out late and hang out with people we don’t always get to see too often.

We came back on Sunday, and were definitely glad to be home. It was nice to be away and spend some time together and with our friends, but we definitely missed B. He missed us, too, and by us, I mean Nathan. 🙂 I also meant to write and work on some of my other goals while we were gone, but really just appreciated the time to relax.


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